Affero GPLv3

The FSF just released GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 yesterday, Nov 19 2007. All of my AMXX projects will now be released under this license. The following is an excerpt from the FSF sites press release at

Climb Plugin 2.0a3 Released

I've finally released the third alpha of my climb plugin. You can get it from the amxx forums by either clicking the updated link in the upper right, or using the following link:

v2.0a3 (JUNE 21, 2007)
+: New alias for restart, /start.
+: HP set to 512 when finished as god mode replacement. God mode prevents people from seeign each others names.
+: Replicate hud messages and timer to spectators.
+: Replacement flashlight/nightvision. Change color with cvars climb_light_r, ..._g, ..._b

New Site

Well so much for making my site from scratch. Who has time for that anyway? So now I'm using Drupal, and I'll have the old pages merged in to the new site soon, then I'll start adding all my projects.

Oh yeah! You can use the following link to check out my first, and probably last, YouTube video.

Old News

Finally made a mail form for the contact page. I also added a banner to the project pages, if you're in the market for web hosting, definately click it and check them out.

Old News

I finally added a projects page to facilitate the new release of the AMXX Climb plugin. Still got lots more projects to add.

Old News

I added the contacts page with a temporary filler, and the links page with a few links. The HTML and CSS is quickly becoming a huge mess that needs reassimilated, so if you happen to look at it... don't.

Really Old News

I finally got my resume posted on this site. I unfortunately ended up using a table for the layout, since IE has such poor CSS support.

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