Climb v2.0a3

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I have retired this project and am no longer actively working on it.

This plugin is designed for use in climbing maps like those available from

See it in Action:
Use the following link to find a server that's running this plugin:

Get it from the AMXX project page:
Or get the latest source from my SVN repository:

say /checkpoint : Save your position.
say /gocheck : Teleport you to your last saved position.
say /ungocheck : Undo a gocheck in case you accidentally use one after you make a tough jump.
say /stuck : Teleport you to your previous checkpoint in case you get stuck in a wall.
amx_goto : Teleport to another player. (Can't be used while timer is running)

A full help page can be found at


*First value is default

climb <1|0> : Enables|Disables all plugin functionality. The plugin now enables and disables itself, you should only use this cvar to turn the plugin on in maps which don't have a start button.
climb_boost <1|0> : Enables|Disables boosting.
climb_cpprice <0|...> : Set to dollar amount for cost of checkpoints.
climb_startmoney <1337|0-16000> : Money amount set when players start timer.

climb_render <0|1> : Changes unsolid rendering style, 0=classic, other=new more see through rendering.
climb_sounds <1|0> : Enables|Disables sounds build in to the Climb plugin.
climb_start_respawn <0|1> : When enabled, eliminates unnecessary respawning. (Defaults to off)
climb_water_nodraw: <0|1> : When enabled makes func_water entities invisible to help with players FPS issues. (Defaults to off)

climb_webmod <0|1> : Disables|Enables web mod interoperability.
climb_stats_path : Path to save generated stats pages. (If using WebMod, enter path to WebMod's www folder.)
climb_stats_url : URL to send clients to for stats pages. Only use if you have a web server running on the same machine as the game server. IF WEBMOD=1 THIS IS IGNORED.
climb_stats_hsurl : "%s" will be replaced with map name. Set to send client to URL if you have a page that automatically generates high scores via direct DB access. IF WEBMOD=1 THIS IS IGNORED.
climb_stats_msg : Message to display on scoreboard. Use HTML

ip_internal : Set to internal network IP or hostname. (If server behind NAT)
ip_external : Set to external network IP or hostname.

climb_msg_r <0|0-255> : Display message red value.
climb_msg_g <150|0-255> : Display message green value.
climb_msg_b <250|0-255> : Display message blue value.
climb_msg_x <0.05|0-1> : Display message x position.
climb_msg_y <0.5|0-1> : Display message y position.

climb_light_r <255|0-255> : Sets the red value for the custom flashlight's color.
climb_light_g <255|0-255> : Sets the green value for the custom flashlight's color.
climb_light_b <255|0-255> : Sets the blue value for the custom flashlight's color.

*The following cvars are only read at plugin load, changes will not take effect until the map is changed.
climb_save <1|0> : Enables|Disables saving of stats to a database.

climb_db_type : Database type.
climb_db_host <> : Database host name/ip.
climb_db_user : Database user name.
climb_db_pass : Database password.
climb_db_name : Database name.
climb_db_prefix : Table name prefix.

-DB Module (MySQL or SQLite/Only needed if using CLIMB_SAVE 1.)
AMXX 1.76 or higher

I highly recommend using AllChat along with this plugin:

DF Hook Frontend plugin is included with this plugin, but still requires the Hookmod from AdminOP:

WebMod has a critical security flaw, and I can no longer recommend that anyone use it. The nightly build 2.0a3.4.20 has optimized html for the scoreboard and no longer needs WebMod to get a full listing. I recommend that everyone uninstall WebMod as soon as possible, this security flaw allows people to very easily crash your server, and with sufficient knowledge, they can even take control of the system on which your game server is running.

Change Log:

Key (+ added | - removed | c changed | f fixed)

v2.0a3 (JUNE 21, 2007)

+: New alias for restart, /start.
+: HP set to 512 when finished as god mode replacement. God mode prevents people from seeign each others names.
+: Replicate hud messages and timer to spectators.
+: Replacement flashlight/nightvision. Change color with cvars climb_light_r, ..._g, ..._b
+: Cvar climb_start_respawn: eliminates unnecessary respawning, admin can enable if needed
+: Cvar climb_water_nodraw: Makes func_water entities invisible to help with players FPS issues(off by default).
+: Fake client added to CT team to prevent round end. Automatically leaves when the server is almost full, and rejoins as it empties.
+: Two new commands, /scout and /usp, to get a scout or usp if you need one, or more ammo.
+: New command /ungocheck or /ungc. Takes you to where you were before you last used gocheck.
+: Can use chooseteam button or kill command to switch between spectating and playing.
+: Plugin automatically disables on map change. Automatically enables if it finds a start button in new map. Setting the cvar climb to 1 in a map config will force the plugin to run.
c: Spectators stay listed as CT on CS scoreboard so their rank will always show.
c: Command amx_goto can be used by any player once they've completed the map.
c: Players don't spawn with scout or c4 anymore.
c: Newer unsolid render is default.
c: New unsolid code provides perfect touch detection and eliminates problems that occurred in some maps.
c: Decreased the wait time on some of the command timeouts.
c: Replicated button use code from HL SDK. Start and finish button use detection is now perfect.
c: In maps with built in healing climb auto heal is disabled(some maps like this have falling areas where you're not supposed to heal).
f: Lag caused by respawning is pretty much eliminated by new weapon cleanup code and not giving as many weapons on spawn.
f: MySQL query format problem for auto increment fields.
f: SQLite query problem. Replaced single quotes around strings with double quotes.
f: HLTV proxies caused two adjacent rows in scoreboard to be same color.
f: Spectator lag bug.
f: Bug where players had 511 HP on every map.

v2.0a2 (FEB 16, 2007)

+: 2 addition boost types. Super jump and double jump. (No partner needed for boosting anymore)
+: Boosts are counted. (Not logged in DB yet.)
+: Stats saving in database. MySQL or SQLite. (MySQL not tested yet. Only works with single db module enabled)
+: Players now get rewarded for finishing even without starting the timer.
+: Cvars for message color and position. (climb_msg_r, ..._g, ..._b, ..._x, ..._y)
+: Cvar climb_startmoney - Value to set money to when players start timer.
+: Cvar climb_stats_msg - Message to display on the HTML scoreboards.
+: Cvar climb_unsolid_type - Change rendering style for unsolid players.
+: Cvar climb_sounds - Disabled Climb plugin sounds.
+: Several cvars for database settings.
+: All players spawn at spawn point closest to the start button. (Eliminates cheat in maps with a spawn point at the finish button.)
+: Additional spawns added during map load to fix maps without enough spawns.
+: Timeouts for respawning and boosting.
+: Command "help". Displays HTML help pages.
-: AMX compatibility. (AMX is officially dead)
c: Cvars now prefixed with climb_ instead of amx_.
c: Minor code optimizations.
c: Command "Boost" now takes players to the boost help page instead of activating solid boost.
c: All internal cvar handling is now done with pointers. (With the acception of cvars used only during init functions.)
c: Solid boost only lasts 15 seconds at a time now since its usage is being tracked.
c: Major internal rewrite (Probably added a few bugs. More major rewrites coming in next release.)

v1.9.19 (AUG 02, 2006)

+: New public cvar 'climb_version' to aid in searching for server with this plugin.
+: Show checkpoints, gochecks, and finish stats (Stats will be more extensive in next version) with finish announcement.
-: Global chat. Use AllChat plugin instead.
-: Cvar: amx_climb_globchat
c: The /spec command now obeys the cvar "allow_spectators", clients with reserved slot always allowed.
c: Shows number of checks and gocheck on client finish announcement.
f: Bug caused by using stop command while paused.
c: Client commands reworked. Everything functions the same, but with more functionality. For example the gc command can be entered as any of the following: gc, /gc, \gc, say gc, say /gc, say \gc, say_team gc, etc...

v1.9.18 (MAY 15, 2006)

c: Recoded the way health is handled. Should work for any map now.

v1.9.17 (APR 07, 2006)

c: Plugin is now compatible with both AMX and AMXX.
c: The /spectate command can now be used by anyone. Admin no longer required.


f: Added health fix for kz_cfl_yamakasi.
c: New CSS theme for html scoreboard.


+: Counts usage of CP and GC commands(only displayed on html scoreboard).
f: Added health fix for kz_lighthouse and kz_phoogi.


+: Colorized global chat. ADMIN_RESERVATION has name in green instead of team color.
+: /stop command. Resets timer to zero, end climbing session.
c: Reset function. /stop + /respawn. Client is now reset automatically when pressing the start button if they are not already started.
f: YOU CAN'T GET STUCK ANYMORE!!! (Well almost. Doing gocheck a second time gets you unstuck.)
f: Global chat is now logged correctly and shows up in HLSW.


+: Hook is taken away when client starts timer, given back if they reset.
+: Max health fixes for several new maps.
+: Sort clients on CS scoreboard by climb rank.
+: Cvar amx_climb_boost - enable\disable boosting.
+: Cvar amx_climb_cpprice - charge money for checkpoints.
+: Custom configurable commands based on events. (climb.ini)
+: Global chat. cvar: amx_climb_globchat <1|0>
+: Client climb time is now shown using the round time HUD sprites.
-: Command /mytime, not needed because of HUD sprite timer.
-: Auto time display every 30 seconds, not needed because of HUD sprite timer.
c: Added another start button sound.
c: Super healing doors no longer removed. (Needed for shortcuts in some maps.)
f: Admins can't be alive as spectator even with 3rd party respawn plugin.
f: Keep godmode after respawning if finished map and not reset.
f: Admins VIP display on CS scoreboard is now updated whenever clients connect.
f: Health charger minimaps in kz_real_skyscraper & kz_northpole_b01.
f: Not teleporting to exact cp position if another client is on your cp.
f: Respawning outside of maps sometimes immediately after leaving spectator.